SMS messaging service

SMS rassylki

Bulk SMS service refers to the tools of mobile marketing. Subscribe advertising SMS messages directed primarily at increasing sales, attracting new customers, increase loyalty to the Company. We offer an opportunity to form a personal SMS-message and send them targeted to each client in any amount as on the basis of the Company and our formed by the interests of the Company's database of telephone numbers.


SMS service advertising and informational additions (SMS-attachi) allows you to send advertising messages within the existing subscriber base. The difference from SMS mailing, advertising Companies "attached" to the main SMS message that is received by the client. SMS-attachi also aim to increase sales, attract new customers, increase loyalty to the Company.

SMS uvedomlenieSMS notification service enables the Company to organize the distribution and processing of SMS messages to subscribers of all cellular networks through the information system of the Company. SMS notifications are relevant to banks, as well as online stores that have their own customer support and delivery of the goods.
SMS imei imsiService IMSI / IMEI - service for sending confidential or financial information important to the Company's customers. For example, to direct one-time passwords to access your personal account or confirmation of payment, password for 3D Secure, information about the change of PIN-code card (PIN OTA).
SMS GEOTo target advertising SMS messages can be on various parameters: the location of the called party, his or her age, preferences, spending on mobile communication and many others. Geotargenting - Define the location of the called party in the current or past time - the basis of a sample of the target audience for your advertising campaign.