Unique ways to integrate

Acquiro Payment Page

This payment instrument is the traditional way of accepting payments online and is the easiest to integrate into the control store. The security of this method for receiving payments due to the fact that the details of your card holder enters on a secure page of AcquiroPay, operator of an online store does not see the credit card data of the payer, they immediately sent over secure channels to the acquiring bank.

 Acquiro Mail Payment

Payment instrument Acquiro Mail Payment is a payment page AcquiroPay, transmitted by the merchant to the card holder in the form of an order by e-mail. Typically, this payment instrument used in conjunction with a payment page.

 Acquiro POST Form
ACQP POSTAcquiro Post Form is a payment page AcquiroPay, built-in site merchant.
 Acquiro Virtual Terminal
ACQP VIRTPayment instrument Acquiro Virtual Terminal is a payment page AcquiroPay, hosted on secure servers ACQUIRO, but available for remote access from anywhere in the world. In fact, this tool makes it easier to work with merchant customers who do not have the opportunity to get online and use the online form of payment, as well as with customers, for any other reasons are unable to take advantage of Internet resources (the elderly, etc.)
 Acquiro White Label
ACQP WIGHT LABELPayment instrument Acquiro White Label is a separate module, which gives the possibility to use all the features of the system AcquiroPay. This module is designed for use in the large holding companies, including various types of businesses and have centralized management, as well as major marketing or agency companies.
 Acquiro Gate
ACQP GATEAcquiro Gate is a gateway built by experts AcquiroPay between Internet resource trader and system AcquiroPay.
 Acquiro Arbiter
ACQP ARBITERSystem confrontation fraudulent transactions, both on the part of taxpayers and unscrupulous traders, designed for traders who have their own payment page, as well as for third-party processing centers.
 Acquiro Hotel
Acquiro HotelPayment solution Acquiro Hotel allows you to receive an advance payment for hotel accommodation guests who have booked a hotel site in the automatic mode in compliance with all security requirements of data storage bank cards. Usage encryption ensures the safety of data transferred for cardholders and eliminates the possibility of fraud.