Our advantages

1. Many years of international experience in the field of e-commerce.

We are proud the experience that we have in the e-commerce market. This primarily effects on technologies that we create which are the main driver of business in high-tech industry such as ours. Working almost around the world, we have the opportunity to learn the experience and needs of our international clients and to transfer new products and technologies to the markets on which are currently given service is not yet implemented, thus providing us the highest possible technological advantage over its competitors, and always innovative service to our customers.

2. The large pool of partner banks.

In the market of e-commerce one of the main roles played by banks, licensed and able to perform calculations between the processing center, the seller and the buyer.

Often clients which come to us for quality service, in addition to technological innovations and creative solutions for online payment, just ask our financial services aimed at meeting the needs of their business. Often, the big banks, and typically acquiring banks - is one of the largest banks in a country, have a rather one-sided settlement mechanism. For example, payments to the Treasury, as a rule will be implemented in the state banks, and methods of rapid integration of smaller companies - is the prerogative of commercial banks. By working with the banks operating in different sectors of the economy, we are able to offer diversified financial schemes in the market of electronic commerce.

3. A large number of alternative payment methods.

At the current market e-commerce competition between companies has a quite pronounced aggressive character. Participant in this struggle, providing one of the basic services for online commerce, is the company Acquiro. To increase the loyalty of "clients of our clients" through a more flexible payment service and the availability of the most popular payment methods, AcquiroPay has to its credit more than 25 different services and payment methods.

4. Unique system of protection against fraud.

With extensive international experience as well as experience in the local markets of the countries we have created one of the most modern and reliable systems to date protection against fraud. AcquiroPay AntiFraud allows to apply unique technical setup monitoring of transactions, depending on factors such as type of business, type of industry, gegraficheskoe location and so on.

5. Служба поддержки плательщиков.

Наличие собственного колл-центра в структуре компании дает нам возможность поддерживать обратную связь с «клиентами наших клиентов», оперативно реагируя на их запросы, а так же получать и анализировать информацию о работе системы AcquiroPay.

6. Innovation.

Own real estate development department allows us to perform complex technical product development, technical support availability of the system, to produce a unique work of integration and customization for technically complex businesses. Rapid response to technical changes in the integration schemes, is also one of their competitive advantages.

7. Additional services.

The presence in our product line such services as installation and maintenance of POS terminals, SMS informarovanie, marketing tools, and others, allow us to make an attractive offer for virtually any type of business, ranging from government agencies and ending banks.

8. Professional staff.

Today in our structure employs some of the most qualified experts in their fields. In addition to experience in their old places, we regularly train employees in their professional duties, whether commercial or technical units.