Appeal of Top Manager

"Компания Acquiro of growth in the Russian market of electronic commerce. Rapid development of the company is provided in primarily to the fact that we rely on the international experience gained over the years in the European and American markets. Likewise one of the key, and perhaps most important factor in the successful growth is the qualification and teamwork of our employees.

We demand that every employee in Acquiro besides quality and fast performance of their duties, daily seek to bring in their work and to the company as a whole, innovative proposals aimed at optimization of the existing business processes or the creation of new services and products . This approach to the organization of work allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of service, along with constant innovations aimed at the development of additional payment services and products.

We tried to bring up in members of our collective spirit of healthy competition, along with mutual support and team support.

Today, the company Acquiro has set itself over ambitious targets for upgrading the main technical unit of the company, along with continuous development of Today, the company Acquiro has set itself over ambitious targets for upgrading the main technical unit of the company, along with the continuous development of application and auxiliary system functions. Naturally, in this case, the main burden will fall on our technical services to ensure the administration and development of all parts of the system. I have full confidence in the leaders of our technical units, and for engineers, programmers, administrators namely, to the people who ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system within 24 hours all year round.

Currently are undergoing major changes of our sales and customer service. The global development of this area in our company is requiring us to significantly strengthen the resource base of a technical component and a set of new professionals in the field. Over the past six months, the number of professionals involved in this field has been increased to two, that for us primarily is a sign, which says that we are expanding our product line in the right strategic direction, and it is highly demanded in market today of electronic commerce.The main task in the coming period, for the heads of commercial and support services will be to maintain a rapid growth in customer base Acquiro with parallel training up to the required qualification of new employees under their command.

I have no reason to doubt that the other internal services can adequately maintain the pace of growth we currently have, and can adequately support all aspects of the company's operating activities which are also important, and in some cases basic.

I sincerely hope that our internal structural changes and growth will be seen by our clients and will affect their work with us in the same positive way as it happens in our company."


With best regards
Генеральный директор
Сокровищук Владислав Александрович