Development strategy

Acquiro company currently actively developing in the European, Asian, American and Russian markets. The main activity of our company has selected to provide payment services primarily to the market of internet acquiring.

Initially, the company lined up in such a way as to offer our clients the best possible range of services to ensure the safety of online payments. Acquiro company has several offices in different countries, so we can provide quality service to customers from every corner of the world. Each of our regional units has in its structure professionals of different categories who can answer to any question that interests the client, whether it be technical, commercial, financial or legal issue.

Division of our offices on a territorial basis is also very convenient in terms of supporting our customers. It's no secret that in general payments on the Internet do not have time division. With multi-lingual specialists from around the world and, as a consequence, in different time zones, our Call-center, in case if issue can not be closed by Call-center operators independently and requires the intervention of narrow specialists, they redirect call of the client to a currently running Office .

In 2012 the company Acquiro began to actively develop a Merchant Acquiring in the Russian Federation. Partnership with the largest banks of the country allows us to provide not only competitive commercial terms, but also a decent service in terms of funds safety.

Currently, for our company, there are some interesting challenges of strategic and tactical plan:

  • One of our priority directions is increasing of our presence in the Asian region. For us, it will be primarily associated with finding a reliable partner bank and the organization our own office in one of the countries of the region.
  • To the strategic objectives we include expanding the range of partner banks in Europe and the U.S.. It is caused by the presence in different banks - different business and technical environments.
  • Improvement of existing software first of all in order to be able to offer our customers a variety of additional types of services demanded in the market of Internet acquiring in more advanced countries in this field.
  • The Expansion of client base in both quantitative and qualitative correlation in regions of presence. To this problem can also be attributed the involvement on service those customers who up to now did not use our services to promote their products and services on the Internet . According to marketing specialists opinion e-commerce market is growing rapidly, but along with this there are business sectors that are not covered by the currently paying services.
  • The development and implementation of innovative marketing concepts and programs of our business. Having the experience of presence in various countries around the world, we try to accumulate the experience and knowledge in this area to develop our own balanced marketing program.
  • The improvement of knowledge and increasing of experience of working personnel. For this , we use programs , which were developed in different countries and to our opinion one of the leaders of modern e-commerce. First of all, it concerns the work to prevent fraud in the conduct of electronic payments, which is one of the most important components in our business.

The mission of our company.

Our mission - to make the lives of ordinary people more comfortable, safe and versatile. AcquiroPay main vector of development consists in the direct participation in the development of high technology in the modern business. We strive to ensure that the development of our specialists rather complex financial and technical segment of the world economy has led to improved interaction between financial institutions and businesses, regardless of size, and in the end will at least partially make ordinary people's lives more comfortable, safer and versatile.