AcquiroPay offers cooperation in the field of Internet acquiring and merchant acquiring. We are ready to act as IPSP Bank.

This scheme of work will enable the Bank to expand the range of services offered on the market B2B. Get in the face of our company a reliable partner with extensive experience working with various banks around the world, as well as with most clients implementing their products and services on the Internet around the world.

Objectives of Cooperation

The main task of AcquiroPay is to provide an opportunity for the remote payment to the public sector enterprises. Many government and commercial institutions are working with us at this moment and interested in expanding the list of acquiring banks.

Cooperation is aimed at prompt singing of previously agreed contract between online shops or offline businesses and Bank as well as quick integration to Bank systems through the AcquiroPay platform.

We seek to simplify implementation of Internet technologies through public sector, to engage the major Russian commercial companies.

Opportunities with AcquiroPay

  • Offer customers the Bank to make payment by credit card for goods and services on the Internet without the development of complex software; 
  • Significantly improve the safety of the use of bank cards on the internet because of the advantages of the system of monitoring payments proprietary AcquiroPay; 
  • Involve service to the Bank of new customers, both Russian and Western, using the capabilities of our company; 
  • Provide a stable revenue growth.

AcquiroPay - company-serving businesses, not only the Internet but also offline. We are ready to become an agent to provide merchant acquiring services and take on all communication with the company, including the installation of POS-terminals and their service. In this scheme, the bank acts merely as a settlement organization.

Cooperation scheme with AcquiroPay


This cooperation scheme can be applied to online acquiring and merchant acquiring. 

When merchant acquiring integration is meant the transfer / installation of POS-terminals.

In implementing the above described scheme of cooperation, we achieve the following results:

  • Once the bank realizes the technical integration with AcquiroPay, thereby freeing up labor's own technical support; 
  • The Bank acts as the estimated organization, thereby increasing the confidence of businesses, especially in the state sector; 
  • Bank frees up resources support services, staff accounting department and so on. Since processing center AcquiroPay assume full responsibilities of communication and doing business with enterprises; 
  • AcquiroPay, among other things, providing advice and support directly to payers. We possess a bilingual customer support, operating in the 24/7; 
  • Businesses are able to conduct unified reporting for all payment methods offered AcquiroPay.

Thus, we assist the Bank in reducing costs, improving customer loyalty, increase profits at the expense of the influx of new customers, fully serviced by AcquiroPay in all directions!

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