Вопрос: Do you have decisions for non-resident companies?

Yes, we have processing decisions all over the world.

Вопрос: Our current account opened in foreign bank but we’re doing business in Russian Federation. Can we take payments through AcquiroPay?

According to Russian legislation goods/service price must be denominated in roubles  and you must take payment in roubles. We can offer you to set up foreign entity to make an agreement with.

Вопрос: What payment methods do you have?
Ответ: AcquiroPay works with both Russian and foreign acquirer banks. Please refer to the payment methods to find all payment facilities.
Вопрос: How can private person take payments?

Only registered business person can make an agreement.

Вопрос: Do you take all business types? Do you have any restrictions?

We deal with legal business. Please contact our managers if you still have questions.

Вопрос: How do you make payments to merchants?

We don’t effect settles. Acquirer bank acts as transfer bank and makes payments to merchants. We don’t have hidden and any other fees.

Вопрос: What are your advantages?

We have unique system. Please refer to our products and advantages.

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