Internet payments

AcquiroPay implements the connection of the most popular payment methods in a single technical integration.

Accepting payments remotely? It's easy! You need a site that complies with the requirements of payment systems, and the desire to expand the possible ways to pay for your goods and services.

Opportunities of AcquiroPay

The integration of the payment form to the site – payment by account number or phone number in addition taxpayer chooses the desired amount to be paid.

Binding of a credit card in your personal account this is the method of payment in which the user can "fix" your bank card in your personal account at the online store and the subsequent payment is made from the personal account without entering payment card details.

Two-step mechanism of payment through a secure channel allows for payments to first check the solvency of the payer (reserve funds), and then complete the transaction (direct financial confirmation). Unconfirmed authorization forms cancellation. The payment page is available online at the AcquiroPay, so your company does not need this certification Compliance PCI DSS.

Web-based administration allows around the clock to see the information on payments. In addition, information about successful payments doubled in the email that is sent by our system to your specified during the registration e-mail.

AcquiroPay Support is a 24 hour-bilingual support of cardholders. Working of around the clock support of our company can shift the solution of most customer questions about bank card payments on our managers, thereby not burdening your staff requests customers and minimizing the amount of training information at the start of working with us. In addition we provide the opportunity to track your customers any payment that has passed through our system of payment through a search form on the site AcquiroPay.

Convenient tools of return and cancellation of payments are available through the client web interface. Since the successful completion of an authorization to confirm the dispatch of the financial might to undo authorization. The results of cancellation of authorizations are reflected in a Web front end, along with the successful fulfillment of payment. Refund to payer is possible if payment has been made by credit card, but for some reason it is necessary to return the funds to the account of the payer.

The Virtual Terminal is a web-based access to AcquiroPay’s complex payment system. Thus it merely requires a PC or comparable device with Internet access. With it, the Virtual Terminal can be used independent of location and time without additional hard and software. Payments can be accepted by manually entering the card data without requiring a reader or special software. The encrypted payment data is transmitted to AcquiroPay’s system. There it passes through a number of checking mechanisms such as a credit check before authorizing the transmission. Extensive statistics, account splitting functions and benchmark features complete the range of the Virtual Terminal’s features.

Recurring payments are an option that allows your customers to make Visa card payments to you automatically at regular intervals. They can be used in a variety of situations, from monthly subscriptions and leasing arrangements to paying electricity and telephone bills. Recurring payments mean that customers do not have to worry about remembering to make their payment each time it is due, while you provide better service, receive your payments regularly and save valuable time.

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