How does it work

AcquiroPay дproves that accept payment via the internet - easy, safe and inexpensive!

For the beginning of cooperation with Acquiro necessary to determine what methods of payment you would like to offer to their customers. If you have not decided what kind of payments most demanded in your sector of business, contact our managers for advice.

Scheme of carrying out payment on example, of payment by credit card

The procedure for making payment by credit card through the system are participating AcquiroPay four sides:

  • payer
  • online shop
  • system AcquiroPay
  • Partner bank - the bank acquirer

  1. Payer chooses a product / service from an online store, and selects as the payment method his order a bank card;
  2. Online store redirects the payer to the web site AcquiroPay for data entry of a credit card and complete the payment AcquiroPay system processes the data entered on the payment page of the payer and sends a request to authorize payment to the partner;
  3. Partner Bank confirms authorization, funds blocked in an account with the bank that issued the card;
  4. AcquiroPay system sends to the online store notification of successful completion of the payment;
  5. Online store, based on the notification system AcquiroPay, makes the delivery of goods / services provided payer;
  6. Partner bank transfers the funds to the account of the online store.

In cooperation with AcquiroPay you will also be able to:

  • make refund of payments to buyers for uncompleted orders;
  • cancel the payment, committee is not retained;
  • "freeze" funds on the card of the payer and independently completing the payment process with the possibility of release of funds without a commission fee;
  • to identify the payer by debiting a small amounts of money and confirm the amounts written off by the payer, the funds will automatically be returned to the payer;
  • track the status of payments in real-time.

Commercial conditions.

Commission charged for services is determined on an individual basis and depends on many factors, the main ones being:

  • The specificity and the type of your business ( sale of what kind of goods and provision of services you make);
  • Speed of your online business;
  • Conditions of the Bank's partner, who will perform the processing of payments.

The commission is charged automatically upon successful payment authorization.

We provide you the opportunity to select the frequency of settlements. Standard clauses making payments to your bank account every day or every two weeks, depending on the partner banks and your preferences.

Legal conditions.

To connect to AcquiroPay you must have a registered legal entity (and perhaps also as a sole proprietor) and Internet site that provides your products / services.

Start with the registration of the application on site. Our experts will provide you with all necessary consultations on the process connection and carry out the demands of the international payment systems and bank partner requirements.

Connecting to processing takes place after the conclusion of the service agreement. We provide all closing documents for your bookkeeping. In the client web interface is a feature you will report generation for any period.

You will be able to accept payments from customers from any country and in any currency. For foreign customers payment form AcquiroPay is also available in English.

However, in accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank all payments arising from the use of bank cards, committed on the territory of Russia, made in rubles, so the outside regardless of the currency in which you will be paying customers, you'll receive cash in rubles.

We have no restrictions on the amount of the payment, you will be able to set any price for the goods / services of your online store.