Recommendations to the site

Payment systems put forward specific requirements for the online store website products / services. We suggest familiarizing with the most common requirements of Internet resources.

The site should contain the following sections:

  • Reference information about the online store. Prerequisite is the existence of a legal and actual address (the address can not be on demand), as well as contact numbers and e-mail addresses to which the buyer can contact customer service online store;
  • Полнота описания потребительских характеристик продаваемых товаров (работ, услуг). Проверяется для того, чтобы недостаток описания товара (работы, услуги) не мог стать причиной для возврата платежа. В том числе, в обязательном порядке на сайте должны присутствовать цены на товары (работы, услуги);
  • Description of procedure order of goods (works, services);
  • Information on the delivery of the goods (works, services), such as: the timing, methods, possible regions / countries delivery address points issuing goods and access, as well as any other information necessary to obtain a clear idea about the delivery of the goods (works, services), after payment by credit card
  • Description of procedures for the return of funds, provision of substitute goods (works, services), the exchange of goods (works, services), etc. upon cancellation of the goods (works, services). If such procedures are an online store is not provided, it shall inform on their pages.

In addition to the above requirements, then the requirements for online shopping, which are ready to accept as payment bank cards in operation (after the conclusion of the contract). In the case of non-compliance, the site should be finalized.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Online store website should not be placed on free servers, shared hosting services, and must have a static IP address;
  • All the pages that are linked to Shop, should be under a single domain name;
  • Logo placement and processing center AcquiroPay all payment systems, cards are accepted online store to pay for goods and services (Visa, MasterCard), pages online store necessarily. Place the logo must be on the home page or online store, or on a page with a description of the formation or the payment of the order. Text and logo are available upon request at any time;
  • Final price of the goods (works, services) for payment of the order by credit card corresponds to the price when you pay by any other means - electronic currency, bank transfer, payment in cash;
  • Details of bank cards (PAN, CVC2 / CVV2, Expiration Date) Buyer is not requested on the pages online store when ordering. When paying by credit card the buyer is redirected to a secure payment form processing center AcquiroPay.

Recommendations for online retailers:

  • Recommended full compliance with the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, which is registered on the site domain name of the seller and the legal entity (or individual entrepreneur), on behalf of which the contract is concluded with the processing center AcquiroPay;
  • It is recommended that the domain of online store was second-level domain, or Internet-shop is located on the third level domain, and the main page in the domain of the second level;
  • On the main page of the online store with a catalog of goods (works, services) is not recommended to place banners, links to other resources, or ads that are not relevant to site content, the activities of online stores;
  • All internal pages and links online store should be working and adequately treated while querying for them;
  • Upon completion of the payment order Online store gives the customer an electronic copy of the check. A copy of the receipt can be sent by email, transferred to the browser (if the authorization is done in real time), or enclosed in hard copy, if you are a physical delivery of the goods;
  • If the site is implemented private office, then: the registration of a new user / user authentication process must be protected and HTTPS protection from password guessing robots;
  • If the site no private office, then: Checkout (enter contact details, choice of delivery, etc.) must be protected by HTTPS and protection from password guessing robots.

Processing center has the right not to grant / suspend services processing card payments to enterprises whose activities can be considered as illegal or non-compliant with the legal or ethical point of view.

Prohibited areas:

  • child pornography;
  • sale of illegal drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • charity, contributions, donations, without appropriate licenses, and without a full description on the website information about the sponsors and the Education Fund;
  • goods and services, the current legislation of the Russian Federation, or in relation to which restrictions or other rules of trade in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • dissemination of material that advocates violence, ethnic strife, terrorism;
  • sale of software without having contracts with suppliers or developers of the software, proving licenses and permits for the sale on the Internet;
  • sale of music files in MP3, WAV or unlicensed FAIR POMC;
  • sale of video, photos and other materials are subject to copyright, without proper contracts with owners;
  • Payment service providers exchange or conversion of electronic currencies.